Hi, I'm Ryan Brady! My interest in starting a pen pal program for hearing impaired children grew out of my love of literature and my desire to bring people together. My sister is hearing impaired and I grew up witnessing first-hand the role that language and literature played in her life. We used to pass notes when we were younger, which sparked the idea for a pen pal pairing platform for hearing impaired children and teens. I decided to create this program to bring deaf and hard of hearing children together, allowing them to feel less alone, and create friendships through sharing ideas, stories and experiences. 


SPOILER ALERT: Here's the real deal: Did you know that having only a mild hearing loss can significantly delay reading development skills? Studies have shown that about one in five deaf students graduating from high school have reading skills at or below the second grade level; about one in three deaf students who graduate from high school have reading skills between the second and fourth grade level. It is so important to me to develop foundational reading, writing and literacy skills in hearing impaired children especially from a young age so we can bridge this gap and make all children successful!

It is my hope that hippkids helps in this endeavor!


I have also started a blog! If you would like to learn more about me and my interests, click here!