Wondering how to be a hippkid?

Be yourself! Having a pen pal is fun and exciting. I encourage you to introduce yourself to your pen pal and communicate in any way that you would like—draw a picture, write a poem, share a story, send a picture—it's up to you! 

Here are some things you may want to include in your first letter:

Name, Age, Favorite activities

Favorite book, Favorite subject in school

A little about your hearing loss

Fun information about yourself

 ​Be sure to include your address so your pen pal can write you back!

Once you join hippkids, you will receive your pen pal information by email. Be sure to supply a working email (and be sure to ask your parents for permission!) 


Here are some other ways you can be hip—visit and join your local library! Write a poem or a song, learn to play an instrument and read music, read to your pet, sibling, or parents, create a memory book of your day, week or vacation. Create a vocabulary book of new words you have learned, do crossword puzzles, write a blog or follow a favorite author. Reading is so cool and it opens up so many opportunities to learn and advocate for yourself!!!