I am a high school student living just outside of Cleveland Ohio. In my free time, I compete on my high school's debate and cross country teams and head my school's Junior State of America chapter, a student run organization that engages students in civics and government. I am very active in my local community as a volunteer, and I love learning from others to enhance my perspective of the world. I am planning on pursuing a career in politics or government, so that I can champion principled policy that betters the world. I love to read and travel. I am an artist by nature and enjoy all forms of visual art, but especially printmaking!

If you would like to learn more about me and my interests or see some of my artwork, check out my blog!


Hi, I'm Ryan Brady! My older sister was born with a bilateral severe-profound hearing loss, which went undetected for her first year of life. She received hearing aids and later cochlear implants, and began her journey to learn spoken language. My family and I became very active advocating for children with hearing loss—from helping to pass mandatory infant newborn hearing screening legislation in Ohio in 2002, to mentoring families, I grew up witnessing the power of community, advocacy, and mentorship to change lives. Growing up alongside my sister, I also saw the multiple challenges she faced as a person with a hearing loss in a hearing world. Although she had access to audiologists and other professionals, she was missing a community of true peers—other children her age she could relate to, learn from, and lean on. Hippkids was born from a desire to create a world wide community of children and teens with hearing loss, something my sister never had: a support network and a community of resources to help children and teens  navigate their disability and reach their fullest potential.