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Having a hearing loss is not easy, sometimes you may feel very lonely and sad. Research shows that children with disabilities are often bullied at higher rates than those without disabilities. Just knowing this fact can help you NAVIGATE social situations and recognize when you may not be being treated fairly. Please talk to an adult, a teacher or a friend if you ever feel that you are being treated unfairly by others. I encourage you to learn more about bullying at this website

YES, you are different, but so am I, and so is your teacher and your mother and your aunt… we are all unique with amazing talents and ideas. Never be afraid to be who you are, never stand for bullying, and always DREAM BIG! Sometimes it can help to learn from someone else who has been in your shoes, who has had to face the same issues as you, whether that is explaining your hearing loss to someone else or understanding your audiology test results. I recommend the following resources to learn more...

The Thirty Million Words Project

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Reading Rockets

Custom made skins for your hearing devices!

Hands and Voices 

​​​AG Bell Association


Hearing Our Way Magazine

​​​​​​Listening to the Waves by Regan Brady