Know Your Rights!

A great resource to spot, prevent and solve bullying! Education is key!


The first step in advocacy is to know your rights and protections as someone with a hearing loss; there are many wonderful resources to check out, here are some sources that helped my family along the way:

Conventions! Here are a few conventions for the deaf and hard of hearing that are very useful to meet professionals and other families:

Federal legislation called IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities in Education) protects all children with disabilities. To learn more about what it means for you or your family, visit the website Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss.  Parents of school age children with disabilities looking for assistance in creating IEP's, Individual Education Plans, should look to this resource IEPplan.com which provides a plethora of information including sample IEP's, tools, advocacy training and more. 

The Hearing Loss Association of America provides amazing up-to-date information on current legislation that may affect you or your family, as well as a myriad of other great resources. 

​Another website that is useful is Wright's Law. It is a very broad resource, focusing on all types of special education law and advocacy for children with disabilities. VeryWellHealth, goes into great deal about protections under Early Hearing Detection and Intervention, IDEA, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. It also addresses protections in other areas such with topics such as - the Fair Housing Act, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act, and the Air Carriers Access Act.

Check out the  #Nice2bnice campaign 

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